Daily Activity

Daily Activity

8:00~9:00 Early morning childcare (extended childcare)

No Extended childcare (Due to the Pandemic)

8:50~9:10 Arrival / Free play

  • Parents and caregivers update us on their child's morning physical and mental status at time of arrival
  • We assess the mood and condition of the child through play and communication
  • We encourage children to enjoy interacting and communicating with each other

9:15 Morning Greetings

  • Morning song, greeting, monthly songs, hand games, calendar, classroom tasks, etc.
  • Book reading
  • Morning snack(baby class only)

9:30~11:30 Activities / Outside play

  • Main activities (crafts, play musical instruments, exercise games, etc.)
  • Depending on the weather, park activities, walks, water play, etc.

11:30 Lunch time

  • Eat lunch together as a group
  • We help children feel a sense of accomplishment by simple declarations of "I finished eating!"
  • By little by little--we help children to eat by themselves (Baby class)
  • Lunch → brush teeth → toilet routine. Teach children routine and habit

12:30 Naptime

  • We encourage all children to participate in quiet time to help foster a routine practice of resting their body.

3:00 Snacktime(Provided by parents or caregivers)

3:30 Salutations & Goodbye

  • Summary of the day, book reading
  • Goodbye song and salutations

3:50~4:10 Departure(Tue-Fri)

4:50~5:10 Departure (Mon)

  • We share a summary of day's activities and child performance with parents or caregiver through an individual log.

4:00~5:00 After School, Extended Care

★Extended Care resume
★After School Program (Mon)...Music (Wed)...Hiragana Class
  • Music, Hiragana Class by specialists
  • Younger children who are not ready for the after-school program have free playtime with other children and teachers.