『 Friendship 』
We nurture social skills, cooperation, and thoughtfulness--as our students learn to about Japanese culture and customs.

Daycare Concept

  • Help children discover Japanese culture through traditional events
  • Foster social skills, cooperation, caring
  • Facilitate the foundation of a daily routine
  • Be a Japanese speaking daycare

Daycare Philosophy

  • By collaborating with families, Starchild allows children to develop at their individual pace
  • Starchild provides families a daily log with pictures, videos and written notes
  • Starchild carefully plans daily activities to create a safe and fun environment for each child.
  • By creating unique environment for individual child, Starchild fosters creative play and learning experiences for healthy development.

About Child Care

Various age group childcare

By engaging with classmates of varying age groups, younger children learn kindness and helpful play, while their older peers gain confidence and valuable leadership skills.


Kids can foster imagination and sensibility by knowing different kinds of music and instruments. Playing instruments along with melody enables Kids to be more sensitive to sounds. As well as being better responsive to sounds, kids can listen to others more carefully with interest.


Physical exercise makes kids' body well-balanced and stout. Kids can learn how to be physically healthy in their daily lives and improve their sense of balance. Also it helps kids grow up mentally sound.